The word map derives from the Latin “mappa”, that means piece of fabric or cloth.

To realize climate justice, men and women’s voices must be heard. Textile cartography is a way to  tell stories, express ideas; draw attention; talk about eARTh, Maps reinvented with fabrics and threads. The creators of textile maps observe the places, inquire about their history, search for signs, meanings, alternatives. And they represent the stories using fabrics, threads, ropes, wool, etc. with  sewing or weaving techniques.  


This arts based research project intends to study the impact of narratives about environmental sustainability through collective textile art and design actions. The project has a duration of 36 months at least , starting in January 2021. The applied methodology is a qualitative research, based on ethnographic; participatory and arts based methods . We will explore  collaborative process  through  textile arts as means of communication and activist expression.

We will start from a literature review focused on textile craft  art and design and searching how contemporary arts, design   and crafts are using textile materials and techniques as collective and activist experiences. 

Each local coordinator  will promote an action with a group of people interested in collaborating in the creation of a participatory blanket as an activist action for awareness of environmental goals and  climate justice, creating a narrative that expresses ideas and opinions about human action on planet Earth . 


Hex River Valley | Valencia | Santiago de Compostela | Walvis Bay | Sao Paulo  Mexico | Lapland | Cairo | Brasilia | Port Pirie | Portugal | Richland, WA | Springfield| Munich| Duluth|


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 Project Dissemination 

Exhibitions : Viseu , March 2022| Port Pirie, May 2022| Faial; July 2022| Springfield, September 2022  


Articles; Presentations; workshops:

EarthCharta newsletter, Germany (

Presentation by Samia ElSheik at the 7th Conference Contemporary issues, Trends and Advanced Research on Art and Architecture, 18-22 November 2021, Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, Egypt.

Workshop by Célia Ferreira  at the  8th international conference on planning, strategy and sustainability and recent studies on architecture and Art (ICPSAA 2022). Luxor, Egypt Future Foundation For Heritage and Innovation, and Zagazig University, Egypt, 21. 25 March 2022.

This project is generated by art education activist group  C3,
organised by APECV Research Group (GriARCE), and funded in Portugal by APECV.