Coordinator Ângela Saldanha

Participatory Action open to all sort of groups and individuals interested in Peace and Sustainability  between march 2022 and june 2022. 

Action integrated in the celebrations of the  International Week of Arts Education 2022 ( World Alliance for arts Education) 

Action integrated in the Project  Textile Cartographies. 

Curator: Ângela Saldanha

Organisation: Research Group in Arts,  Community and Education  ( APECV)

Mantra for Peace , is a project coordinated by the artist Ângela Saldanha, it is a collaborative artistic action open to the participation of collectives and individuals between March 2022 and June 2022. The theme is based on the 16 Sustainable Development Goal of  2030 ONU Agenda, and intends to give voice to communities through textile narratives such as embroidery, in a collective appeal against the armed conflicts that exist in various parts of the world. The coordinator launched the invitation with the piece #Mantra #Paz #108 to people; collectives and communities from different countries to join in this global appeal, embroidering the word peace in 10x10cm squares of fabric in their mother tongues. With this challenge, the artist invites other participants to experience the contemplative cadence of embroidery and the repetition of words in numerical sequences, as a symbolic process of political activism through crafts. This Action is part of the Textile Cartography Project and the International Art Education Week 2022 of the World Alliance for Arts Education.

#Mantra #Paz #108 is a dynamic piece consisting of an invitation-work of 108 textile pieces embroidered by the same person in an evocation of PEACE, based on 3 essential concepts:

#Embroidery is an ornament ritual that allows, in its constant construction, the abstraction of technique and reality, allowing the mind to transcend itself.

#Mantra (from Sanskrit Man - Mind and Tra - control or protection, being an "instrument to guide the mind") is a ritual formula (word, verse or syllable), which is pronounced repeatedly and which aims to achieve a state of relaxation, contemplation , meditation and communion with the cosmos.

#108 is a divine number in many cultures and chanting the mantra this number of times is believed to activate its powerful essence in connecting with the Whole.

How to Participate?  Embroider a  10x10 cm square with the word PEACE in your native language, 

How to share ?  You can send your embroidered  square 10x10 cm with the word PEACE to APECV , the works will be exhibited during art education and education for sustainable development events.  ( Adress: APECV: Quinta da Cruz. Estrada de São Salvador, 3510-784 São Salvador Viseu  Portugal) . 

Or you can post photos of  it in social channels as: 

Instagram: @WorldAllianceForArtsEducation  @apecv 
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