Who we are?

A professional network of people working in the field of teaching  visual expression and communication ; visual art teachers; art educators; cultural agents; artists working in educational contexts. 

What do we do?

We  advocate for quality art education for all . We influence a wide variety of opinion formers, policy makers and stakeholders to defend and promote outstanding  education through art and visual art education across all phases of learning.

We are a community of learners: We organize collaborative learning through seminars; conferences; training courses; workshops; exhibitions and art festivals.

We are educators, teachers, artists;  researchers and activists. We promote  challenging calls for interdisciplinary projects ; we share practice and research through our publications and events. 

Our Partners

APECV is  affiliated in the International Society for Education Through Art ( InSEA) and Ibero American Network of Art Education .


At a national and international level APECV promotes activities in formal and informal educational settings such as schools, museums and cultural centres for children, young people and adults such as   visual arts contests, seminars, exhibitions and  workshops).  APECV main activities are specially directed to art teachers, e.g. organisation of conferences, symposiums, congresses, courses and workshops for teachers.


APECV also encourages teachers to make international interchange projects promoting diversity, inclusion, environmental  and cultural awareness.  

APECV has an in-service teacher training centre (Centro de Formacao de Professores Almada Negreiros CFAN) certificated by the Portuguese Center for Teachers Professional Development offering in-service art teachers courses for all the regions of Portugal. 


The association has a network with possibilities to disseminate information ,  products and results through conferences, seminaries, congresses;  webpage , open source e-books  and the journals  of art education ‘Imaginar’   and  Invisibilidades  (academic peer review). 

APECV headquarters are situated in Quinta da Cruz, Viseu,  and APECV has a collaboration protocol with the city of Viseu. 


APECV develop art laboratories/artist in residence  and exhibitions with artists for the community  ( art activism and community arts based works always related to educational purposes) 

APECV  has the support of  the Portuguese Ministry of Education and works   as a consultant  for  curriculum ( DGE)  and national examinations  audits ( IAVE).