Residência com Maja Maksimovik  e  Drazán, durante 19 a 24 de Março de 2019

Maja Maksimovik ,Maja Maksimovic is Assistant Professor at the Department for Pedagogy and Andragogy / Adult Education, Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade and a researcher at the Institute for Pedagogy and Andragogy. Maja has a diploma in andragogy, obtained in Belgrade, Serbia, MA in Counselling Studies obtained at the University of Nottingham, UK, and PhD in Andragogy, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. She is a deputy editor of the adult education journal Andragogical studies. Beside her experience in teaching and writing, her interests are related to performance art and theatre.

Drazán is the creator of Dajana Ho,  a gender phenomenon based in Belgrade, Serbia. She is one of the first Serbian drag performers.

This collaborative piece in the making is inspired by the interrelatedness of care and forgetting, which explores the practice of creative care that reframes forgetting from a destructive oblivious activity into a rather constructive flow of memory healing. It tackles the notion of ecology of remembering - how to forget by giving new meaning to already existing experiences and are we at all in charge of this economy of forgetting? Is our memory capacity authoritarian or are memories indeed ephemeral, fluid and ever recontextualising within the queer framework of thought?

Maja & Drasan